NEW: Open Darshan Weekends

[3c1]Hanuman blesses a devotee[/3c1]

We are happy to announce that as of this weekend – 14th to 16th June – there will be an open darshan weekend in the Ashram Brindavon once a month, to offer this opportunity to anyone wanting to experience what it is like to stay in the Ashram for a weekend and receive darshan, sing kirtan, meditate and do yoga.

It is Mataji’s explicit wish that on these open darshan weekends parents will be able to spend the weekend in the ashram with their children (this also includes parents from the satsang), which presently is not possible during celebrations due to a lack of space.

This weekend, the procedure is as follows:

  • Friday evening we will gather in the temple to receive Mataji’s darshan
  • Saturday morning we will sing kirtan with Mataji
  • Saturday evening Mataji will answer questions (in writing, as long as she will be observing her vow of silence)
  • Sunday morning there will be a final darshan

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