Dec. 6 to 8: A weekend with Sri Durgamayi Ma in Berlin

At the request of a student, Sri Durgamayi Ma will be travelling to Berlin again every now and then to give darshan in her ashram Ayodhya. So the next darshan weekend on December 6th to 8th will not be held in the ashram Brindavon (Ulm) as originally planned but in Mataji’s ashram Ayodhya in Berlin.

Two darshan weekends in Ayodhya are also planned for the new year: one in January and one last darshan weekend in March. After its ten year existence this ashram will then close due to the expiry of the tenancy agreement for the ashram premises in Berlin.

A weekend with Sri Durgamayi Ma in Berlin,
in the Ashram Ayodhya, Prenzlauer Berg

During this first weekend in December Mataji will give darshan, sing kirtan with us and we will meditate in her presence. Anybody who wishes to ask Mataji a question, request her help or receive her blessing will have this opportunity on Saturday evening. Mataji shares her unconditional love with all human beings.

Everybody can attend individual events or participate in the entire weekend.

„It is love alone that can overcome the separateness between one human being and another, that lets inside and outside become one.”
Sri Durgamayi Ma

This weekend, the procedure is as follows:

  • Friday evening we will gather in the temple to receive Mataji’s darshan
  • Saturday morning we will sing kirtan with Mataji
  • Saturday evening Mataji will answer questions (in writing, as long as she will be observing her vow of silence)
  • Sunday morning there will be a final darshan
Ashram Ayodhya
Danziger Str. 40
Prenzlauer Berg
10435 Berlin


  • Vivekananda (@vivekananda147) - 30. November 2013 reply

    Awesome! great news for everyone in #Berlin (and everyone like me who will be travelling there to receive Matajis darshan)

  • Karishma - 11. December 2013 reply

    What a wonderful intense weekend! Kirtan with Mataji was passionate and a great joy to Ma, the questions asked were meaningful and Mataji’s answer a guidance for everyone. Berlin was blessed on this weekend. Pranam

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