February 28 to March 2: Darshan Weekend and Shivaratri Celebration

On Saturday, March 1, Sri Durgamayi Ma will be celebrating Shivaratri with us, a celebration in honour of Shiva. Mataji spoke about the new thinking in a darshan prior to the Shivaratri celebration on March 7, 2008. Shiva is the force in us that can lead us to this new thinking:

Every human being is different and in that are we all the same! It is not about being worse or better, higher or lower, more known or less known, interesting or uninteresting. It is about letting the human being be as he is, in his unique otherness – which may be contrary to us.
– Sri Durgamayi Ma –

Everybody can attend individual events or participate in the entire weekend and stay and spend the night in the ashram

It is Mataji’s express wish that on open darshan weekends parents always have the possibility to spend the weekend in the ashram with their children.

This weekend, the procedure is as follows:

  • Friday evening we will gather in the temple to receive Mataji’s darshan
  • Saturday morning we will sing kirtan with Mataji
  • Saturday evening Mataji will be celebrating Shivaratri with us
  • Sunday morning there will be a final darshan
Ashramhaus Brindavon
König-Wilhelm-Str. 35
89073 Ulm-Oststadt

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