May 16 – 18: Darshan Weekend and Vesak Celebration

On Saturday, May 17th our enlightened master, Sri Durgamayi Ma, will celebrate the Vesak Festival with us, a celebration in honour of Buddha’s birth. In a darshan preparing us for the Vesak Festival in 2007 Mataji speaks about the living Buddha and also about the book “Siddharta” by Hermann Hesse, how this was a great inspiration for Mataji and many young people during the late sixties, before Mataji travelled to India and met Baba.

“When he [Buddha] was looking for an employment he is asked what he could do. And he answers: “I can fast and I can wait”. And I remember that the first moment I read these words I wanted to skip over them, like this was at least something you couldn’t earn money with. But then I imagined what it would be like if I were able to do that, if I were able to fast and if I were able to wait. And that held a subtle fascination for me at the time, this idea of being able to wait, just wait.”
– Sri Durgamayi Ma, excerpt from a darshan on the Vesak Festival 2007 –

All are welcome to the darshan weekend and the celebration!

This weekend, the procedure is as follows:

  • Friday evening we will gather in the temple to receive Mataji’s darshan
  • Saturday morning we will sing kirtan with Mataji
  • Saturday evening Mataji will be celebrating Vesak with us
  • Sunday morning there will be a final darshan

Ashramhaus Brindavon
König-Wilhelm-Str. 35
89073 Ulm-Oststadt

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