December 19-21: Sri Durgamayi Ma gives Darshan in Ulm

We are happy to announce the next darshan weekend with Sri Durgamayi Ma in the ashram Brindavon in Ulm. The darshan weekend will begin on Friday, December 19 and end on Sunday afternoon, December 21 2014.

Anyone who wishes to encounter Sri Durgamayi Ma, can come to receive her darshan and blessings, experience the silence and depth of her being and ask for her help. Mataji shares her unconditional love with all human beings.

„Any spiritual exercise only serves one purpose, to be awake for the moment of enlightenment“

– Sri Durgamayi Ma –

Everybody can attend individual events or participate in the entire weekend, stay in the ashram and spend the night.
It is Mataji’s express wish that parents can also spend the weekend in the ashram with their children at open darshan weekends.

This weekend, the procedure is as follows:

  • Friday evening: Sri Durgamayi Ma will give darshan
  • Saturday morning: kirtan singing with Sri Durgamayi Ma
  • Saturday evening: Darshan – Sri Durgamayi Ma will answer questions: This is an opportunity to ask Sri Durgamayi Ma a question in a small group
  • Sunday morning: kirtan singing and darshan with Sri Durgamayi Ma

Ashramhaus Brindavon
König-Wilhelm-Str. 35
89073 Ulm-Oststadt

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