Easter celebration in the Ashram

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The celebration began at 5 o’clock in the morning in the ashram courtyard where we all waited until Mataji lit the Easter candle at the Easter fire and carried the light into the temple that was still dark. Mataji received each of us in silence after we had lit our light at the Easter fire, carried it into the temple and placed it on the Easter altar.

Mataji welcomed us and spoke about the celebration of Easter:

„For Ma, all religious, all spiritual celebrations have the one message – all are intended to remind us of our divine nature, to strengthen our yearning to advance towards the divine nature within us, to be in it completely.

Easter celebrates the resurrection; try to develop a notion within you of this being completely identical with enlightenment – the liberation from oneself; for this resurrection is preceded by a death, a dying, that happens on an inner level: the leaving behind of and detachment from something old in order to rise up into something new. In Christianity, this dying, this death is symbolised by the cross and on a deep inner level the cross represents the complete surrender of oneself to God, the leaving behind and relinquishing of all elements of the ego, the giving oneself over completely to the divine nameless master within, who resides in all human beings. When you are on your own sometime, stand up straight and open your arms to both sides so that your body forms a cross. This posture in itself precludes any defence of one’s own ego elements, relinquishes this defence. This is how your Ma sees the cross. A great, powerful image for a form of death – described in all holy scriptures – that can be died in the thick of life and actually is only the beginning of real life. And after this death comes the resurrection.”


Mataji then gave each one of us the cool Easter water which we received holding her words in our hearts:

“On an external level a small sip of cool spring water – on an inner level a reminder of the new life that you are called upon to enter.”

During the second part of the celebration, Mataji read the 42nd logion from the Gospel of Thomas called “Jesus spoke: Be passers-by”. The commentary to this logion describes how we human beings are passers-by in this world where everything is transient. The world is only a bridge on which you do not build a house but which can lead us to the other shore within us. Mataji emphasized one sentence, in particular, in this commentary:

“A passer-by cherishes each moment, sees everything as if it were for the first and the last time and does not look back.”

Part of this Easter celebration consisted of an aarti – a light ceremony – honouring Jesus during which we sang the  „Halleluja“  to the melody of a song by Leonard Cohen and the song of praise called „Take my Life“ attributed to Frances of Assisi. At the end of the aarti Mataji took the aarti light and honoured all of us calling:

“Hallelujah! Honour to God in the highest and within each of you!”

After the darshan, deeply fulfilled by this wonderful Easter celebration, we all had the Easter brunch, which had been lovingly prepared, to take in the experiences of the weekend by eating the Prasad.




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