Hanuman Jayanti 2015

Hanuman Ji stands for absolute selflessness and unbroken devotion to God. Every year, we gather to sing the Hanuman Chalisa together 108 times to honour Hanuman on his birthday. Legend has it that those who sing the Chalisa receive grace from Hanuman Ji himself.

The Hanuman Chalisa is a unique and invaluable gift that the saint Tulsidas gave mankind 500 years ago to remind each one of us of our true nature. Singing the Hanuman Chalisa furthers our spiritual growth and gives us humans the inner strength and courage that we need to meet the challenges and problems of our times.

With these words of guidance, that Mataji gave us for the Hanuman Jayanti celebration and Bodhisattva read before the first Chalisa, we began the spiritual exercise of singing the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times without interruption throughout the whole night. For some it was the first time.

Mataji’s blessing and presence carried us from one Chalisa to the next for nine and a half hours at the end of which, totally imbued by our singing, we honoured Hanuman Ji with an aarti to close the celebrations. Mataji also had a photograph of Samadhi put up at Hanuman’s feet in memory of her death one year ago so that we could also commemorate her with this beautiful celebration. At the end of the aarti Mataji took the aarti light and passed it over all those present saying: “What a miracle!”

Even if it may have been unimaginable for some of us at the beginning, you could clearly see the joy and happiness of actually having sung 108 Hanuman Chalisa by the morning on every one’s face.

Jai Hanuman! (more photos below)



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