Review: Darshan Weekend for Families

Mataji gave darshan for her students and their children in the ashram Brindavon on the weekend of May 29th to May 31st 2015. As some of them had not been in the ashram for quite some time, Mataji asked for photographs of all the children in advance. All the participants looked at these in Mataji’s presence as they were projected onto a big screen in the darshan room and one could see how everybody had changed. During the day the children helped with the karmayoga in the ashram: in the kitchen, in the temple, in the workshop, with the flowers. The older children played and sang kirtan together. Mataji was able to see everybody again for the closing darshan and gave everyone prasad. It was a lively weekend.

Mataji said to the parents: “Don’t just be parents, be my children also!”

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  • karishma - 8. June 2015 reply

    These photos are heart-warming! The glow, joy and innocence of the children – all blessed by the Mother! Jay MA! RAM RAM

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