Announcement: Weekend Celebration of Guru Purnima 31st July – 2nd August

We are delighted to announce the weekend celebration of Guru Purnima from July 31st to August 2nd with Sri Durgamayi Ma in the ashram Brindavon!

Guru Purnima is the day on which all spiritual masters are honoured. All over the world, spiritual students gather to honour their master on the day of the full moon in July. In the ashram Brindavon Ulm we will be celebrating Guru Purnima in honour of Sri Durgamayi Ma. We will sing kirtan to our master – to the divine essence that resides in all human beings and that Mataji has realised. We will honour our master with an aarti and receive her darshan and her blessing!

„The love of the master for all human beings can hardly be expressed in words. It is unconditional – it never takes sides!”
Sri Durgamayi Ma

Everybody can attend individual events or participate in the entire weekend and be in the ashram and stay the night.

Please obtain details on the weekend from the events page and also note the general information on registration.

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