Mataji’s Maxims for the Year

Mataji’s Maxims for the Year

Since the beginning of the ashram, Sri Durgamayi Ma has been celebrating New Year’s Eve with her students. On this occasion, Mataji always gives an outlook for the year to come – which force, which perspective, which approach needs to be developed by us as spiritual students. That was the beginning of the Maxims for the Year – the German word for maxim implies something that solves, dissolves, says Mataji. The maxims are written in Mataji’s handwriting and framed in frames beautifully embellished by Mataji. They are an inspiration for our daily practice.

In the introduction to the first Satsang Leela Mataji writes how the first Maxim for the Year 2004 came about:

During this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration – on the Schweibenalp – my students sent a beautiful, big, glowing balloon into the wide open sky above our earth – to which a wish was attached held by your MA and expressing my deepest desire for all human beings. It said:
A Love that Never Dies for all Mankind!

This is your MA’s wish for the coming year – let it enter your heart and develop gratitude for there being somebody in your life who from the bottom of her heart wishes you something so beyond belief.

Gratitude is the Key!

Sri Durgamayi Ma


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