Easter Celebration Weekend 25th -27th March 2016

Mataji cannot be personally present in the ashram for the celebration of Easter this year but is very pleased about any guests who wish to spend the Easter weekend in the ashram.

On Good Friday we will listen to a darshan that Mataji once gave for this particular day. On Saturday morning we will sing kirtan and in the evening we will practice the heart chakra meditation. On Sunday we will celebrate Easter together from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Anybody who wishes to come to the celebrations is requested to register under ashram@sri-ma.de.

In the darshan Mataji gave for Easter in 2010 she spoke about human nature:

Human nature – in it the master within resides. And it is in the darkness of our own human nature that we must look for the light of our master within. And only there, in the darkness of our human nautre will we find his light.

Sri Durgamayi Ma

Details on the weeked and on arrival and departure times

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