Hanuman Jayanti Celebration Weekend 22nd -24th April 2016

Mataji will sing the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times through the night with us. We will celebrate Hanuman Jayanti in honour of Hanuman, the great bhakti yogi. Please register at ashram@sri-ma.de by April 17th. All are welcome!

Sri Hanuman Chalisa

40 verses for Hanuman, The Breath of God (Lord Ram’s Breath)

Hanuman Ji stands for absolute selflessness und the unbroken devotion to God. Every year, we gather to sing the Hanuman Chalisa together and thus honour Hanuman on his birthday. It is said that those who sing the Chalisa will receive Hanuman Ji’s grace from Hanuman himself.

The Hanuman Chalisa is a unique and invaluable gift given to mankind by the saint Tulsidas 500 years ago to remind everyone of us of our true nature. Singing the Hanuman Chalisa furthers our spiritual growth und bestowes on us humans the inner strength and the courage that we need to take on the challenges and problems of our times.

Sri Durgamayi Ma

Further details on the celebration weekend

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