Guru Purnima  Celebration

This year, as in previous years, many many people came to the ashram to celebrate Guru Prunima, the day on which the Chela honours the master and in him all masters who ever came in a body or will ever appear in a body.

Moved by the news of a shooting in Munich that had killed and injured many people, Sri Durgamayi Ma spoke on Friday evening about the unpredictability of life. Mataji demonstrated how we are living in a type of day-dream and pointed out that we can acquire the consciousness of a yogi also in the face of such terrible events as took place in Munich that night.

Mataji read the 44th verse from the 18th chapter of the Ashtavakra Gita – The Master – during the Guru Purnima darshan on Saturday evening:

„The mind of a man who longs to be free stumbles without support. But the mind of a man who is already free stands on its own. It is empty of passion.“

and said:

“The only thing that differentiates a master, an enlightened human being, from other humans is that the master knows he is free.”

We students are already enlightened and free, we just don know that we are.
Mataji spoke about the words that Baba said to her many years ago:

„You and I are one and you will never be alone again.“

MA asked us to engrave these words in the depth of our hearts so that we keeping remembering that Mataji is one with each and everyone of us and loves us unconditionally.
At the end of the festivities in the temple, which had been beautifully decorated with flower garlands, we celebrated a long aarti, a light ceremony honouring our master, to express our joy and gratitude to MA for showing us the path to light. During this aarti celebration every student had the opportunity to pass the aarti light in front of Mataji.

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