Darshan in Cologne

At the beginning of July Mataji was invited to Cologne by her student Nateshwara to give darshan in his yoga school Dharmabodha over the weekend – the first darshan weekend in Cologne in 4 years. 

The yoga school had been lovingly prepared by the students in Cologne and the students from the ashram who had accomp0anied Mataji and Mataji was received with great joy by all present.

Mataji gave darshan on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and many people came, some for the first time. There were many encounters with our master during the weekend and her teachings transported us onto the level of highest consciousness. Mataji spoke about our inner focus when we are singing kirtan and about the importance of self-reflection on the spiritual path. There were moments of ecstatic kirtan singing and deep silence

For many students who encountered Mataji in Cologne it was a wonderful experience to experience Mataji in different “surroundings” and for the students living in the ashram it was also lovely to travel to a darshan with their master.

Fulfilled and grateful we all left the yoga school at midday on Sunday.

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