Reflection on the Shivaratri Celebration 2017

Already on Friday evening Mataji brought us into the moment – by appealing to us to open ourselves up unreservedly to the celebration of Shivaratri.

On Saturday morning, our master read from the “Tiruvasagam” to us, a unique hyme in praise of the supreme Lord Shiva:

Busied in earth I acted many a lie; I spoke of ‘I’ and ‘mine,’- illusions old;
Nor shunned what caused me pain; while sins increased

I wandered raving. Me, that BEING RARE,-
By the great mystic Vedas sought in vain,-

held fast in presence there; to lowly me
Essential sweetness was the food He gave:

THIS MIRACLE OF GRACE I KNOW NOT, I !  Tiruvasagam, Hymn 41 “The Miracle”, Verse 3

Mataji then – for the first time in many years – led a kirtan to Shiva that became more and more ecstatic and MA at one point quite unexpectedly calmed the singing down with a loving gesture by placing her finger on her lips. As Mataji left the temple a chela joyfully and laughingly took MA’s arm.

In the evening, Mataji let us experience a new aspect of Shiva by saying:

“Self-recognition is unique because the recognising Self is Itself the recognised Self.

This truth takes you to the limits of your thinking – and a bit beyond that! At this point, you have leave your reasoning behind if you want to fully open yourselves to these words.

Letting go of one’s own reasoning can be compared to a young bird sitting on the edge of the nest that it has to leave behind if it wants to fly. Just like this little bird you too will only realise that you can fly when you let go of your reason!

This force of using one’s power of reasoning to think so far beyond reason that you can only leave it behind –  that is the glorious Shiva force which resides in all beings!”

We then received a very precious moment with MA – that really only happens once a year – when Mataji places a shiva tilak on each of our foreheads. And so prepared, we offered a beautiful aarti to our master honouring Her as the living Shiva. The singing was not of this world!

Mataji closed the Shivaratri celebration on Sunday morning with another highlight: when listening to a CD of pattering rain we were transported to place where MA is actually sitting with us in this downpour of rain. MA calls: “Just like it used to be!”

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