Sri Durgamayi Ma will give Darshan in Cologne from 22nd to 24th September

Let all the past and all the future gently glide from your shoulders like a coat – then you are in the now.

In a thousand different ways, the spiritual master Sri Durgamayi Ma authentically and unconventionally illustrates the mechanisms that separate us humans from recognizing that the divine lives in each one of us. Her guidance is direct and easy to put into practice in the midst of our every-day life in the western world.

The now is the only reality and who wants to live must engage in it.
Sri Durgamayi Ma

With great joy we would like to announce that Mataji will give darshan from 22nd to 24th September in the Shunia Zentrum in Cologne.

Anyone who wishes to encounter Sri Durgamayi Ma can come to her darshan, receive her blessing and immerge in the silence and depth of her being – irrespective of whether one is her student or not.

Further information and details can be found here.


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