Celebration Honouring the 36th Anniversary of Mataji’s Enlightenment from 20th to 22nd October

“Enlightenment is the highest level of human consciousness. Around you everything remains as it is and however much we humans wait for change the only change that happens is within oneself.” Sri Durgamayi Ma

In 1971, Sri Durgamayi Ma travelled as a young woman to India to encounter her master Sri Neem Karoli Baba. Sustained by Baba’s endless love, Mataji increasingly developed the wish to live in this world with God. After Baba left his body Mataji found her master Sri Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, at whose side she lived until she reached enlightenment. Since her enlightenment Mataji has devoted her life to us human beings to guide us on our spiritual path – a path that Mataji followed herself.

Mataji never ceases to encourage us and unconditionally supports on our path to the awakening of the own divine forces in us which – as Mataji tells us – rise like the rays of the sun on our own horizon, outshining all the forces of our blind human nature that want to tell us: that is not you!

„There is a divine source in us that springs from within itself and therefore never runs dry.“ Sri Durgamayi Ma

Everybody is welcome to come to this celebration in honour of Sri Durgamayi Ma, to attend an individual darshan or spend the entire weekend, including overnight stays, in the ashram.
If you wish to participate in the celebrations and spend the night please register by Sunday, October 15th, 2017. You will find the times and details on the weekend as well as general registration information here.

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