“Stolpersteine” in front of the Ashram House – in Memory of the Couple Barth

The artist from Cologne, Gunter Demnig is the founder of the Initiative ‚Stolpersteine‘, which is the largest decentralised memorial of the persecution of Jews in Europe.

Yesterday, on October 12th, two Stolpersteine were laid by Demnig in front of the ashram house in memory of the couple Julius and Dora Barth – so far he has laid a total of 62,000 Stolpersteine,  which he always produces by hand himself, in 21 European countries for this project.

Up until 1934, the ashram house belonged to the couple Julius und Dora Barth. Julius Barth was seized during the Kristallnacht and deported to the concentration camp Dachau, where he died on December 24th, 1938 – his wife managed to flee to the USA in 1939.

In his vivid speech on the life of the Barth couple, Dr. Silvester Lechner from the Dokumentationszentrum Oberer Kuhberg mentioned the spiritual bond that connects the ashram and the Initiative Stolpersteine – in 2001 the ashram had donated the entire proceeds from the Open Door Day to the Ulm Concentration Camp memorial.

In a very moving moment after the speech, some of the residents of the ashram laid white roses next to the stones in silent memory of the fate of Julius and Dora Barth.

Stolpersteinverlegung vor dem Ashramhaus
Gunter Demnig

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  • Karishma - 14. October 2017 reply

    What a moving image the white roses next to the golden Stolpersteine are! And so – miraculously – our MA is visibly connected with this couple who endured such a terrible destiny at the hands of the Nazis. A great blessing for all!
    Ram Ram Karishma

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