Nirvan Divas: Opening of Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir


Dear Devotees

Baba’s 48th Mahasamadhi, Nirvan Divas, is now only three weeks away. With Mataji’s loving guidance, many chela are currently working on the interiors of the new ashram, so that everything looks beautiful for the opening and Nirvan Divas celebrations.
All works will not be completed by then, but we so much wish to simply celebrate Maharajji’s Mahasamadhi and receive MA’s darshan in the new ashram, that we will just see how far we get.
With this year’s Nirvan Divas Festival, Mataji will inaugurate Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir ashram and it seems like a miracle, that after more than 2 years of renovation and refurbishment – most of the time under the difficult conditions brought by the corona virus – this day is now so close!
The Coronavirus is still spreading and right now infection numbers are rising again significantly. Therefore, please pay attention to the Corona rules we have to follow in order to be able to celebrate the festival at all. You can find them further down in the text.


For the many devotees of Maharajji from India, the US and all over the world who have given donations through the GoFundMe campaign, it is Mataji’s wish that we livestream the Aarti to Lord Hanuman on Friday and the grand aarti to Maharajji on Saturday evening.

Festival Programm

Friday evening:
Mataji will go to ashram Brindavon and collect the little murti of Lord Hanuman (the one Vishnu Digambar brought back from India in 1974) and bring it to Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir, where we all will be waiting for Mataji to arrive while singing kirtan to Lord Hanuman. Then we will welcome Him to His new home with an aarti.
Admission at the Baba Mandir: 19:30 to 20:30, contribution 10€ – prior registration required.

The Baba Mandir opens at 10:30am, contribution 35€ for the whole day. For those who can only come after 6pm, the contribution is 20€ – prior registration required.
All contributions serve the preservation and further development of the Baba Mandir.

On this day, there will be no special entrance times and everyone can come (even leave and come back in between) as they wish.
Mataji will be at Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir the whole day and we will receive Her darshan while

  • singing kirtan to Maharajji
  • meditating
  • a simple festival bandhara in His honour
  • and a grand Aarti to Maharajji, where all who wish can offer the aarti-light to Baba.

for Mataji’s Chela only, beginning 10:30 am:

  • Karmayoga – we tidy up the whole ashram together
  • After Karmayoga, chela who have registered can come to Ashram Brindavon for the noon prasad.

राम — राम — राम — राम — राम — राम

Hanuman Murti an Hanuman Jayanti 2019

Corona Rules

In the face of rapidly increasing numbers of infections and the very infectious Delta variant, these rules apply to all visitors:
You must either be recovered from a corona-infection or be fully vaccinated (2 weeks after last dose). In both cases you must bring a certificate, because the Ashram is obliged to check it at the entrance.


Due to the ongoing Corona situation, only those who have registered with the ashram in advance can participate in the festival. Please write to for which darshan you would like to register.
Children can come along with their parents on all days. Parents are kindly requested to always watch their children themselves.

Overnight stay in the Ashram Brindavon

In the ashram Brindavon there is a certain capacity for accommodation overnight, which will first be given to Mataji’s Chela, who are from further away. Here, too, the same rules apply: Those who are fully vaccinated or recovered can stay overnight in the ashram.
Registration for Chela (festival and overnight stay in the ashram) ends with the weekend before the festival, on September 5th at 6pm. Registration for all others ends one day before the festival begins, on the 9th of September, 6pm.

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