Vesakh 2023


In honor of Gautama Buddha, his birth and enlightenment, many chela and visitors of the ashram celebrated Vesakh together at Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir this weekend. Throughout the day we chanted Buddhist mantra and laid a large mandala made of flowers and petals.

On Vesakh we celebrate Ma’s presence on this earth as a living Buddha – a human being who has attained the highest consciousness. And even though Ma could not be here this year, we clearly felt Ma’s blessing and presence in our hearts throughout the celebrations.

As we began, Hanuman read these words from Ma to all of us:

namaste my beloved chela!
from all my heart, I send you blessings and love for today’s vesak celebrations.
may all human beings realize their buddha consciousness that naturally rests within them.
may all humans live in their pure buddha nature.
with love – ramram MA

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