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What is the use of the living Master?

This is a transliteration of a darshan Sri Durgamayi Ma gave on November 12th, 2012 in Berlin titled:

What is the use of the living Master?

I had always dreamed of a love that never dies. I too had not known for a long time, that I would find it only within myself.

With all my heart I want to welcome you all to this darshan and I want to remind you, for this short period of time, to simply let go of all past and all future, of everything that was or might be, including any expectations, ideas and hopes. Only recently I wrote to a disciple, it’s best to come to a spiritual Master empty-handed.

During my last darshan here in Berlin, I spoke about the truth that life as such is completely meaningless, that it has no meaning in and of itself. It is up to us – each for ourselves – to give our lives the meaning that we wish to receive from it and wish it to have.

A meeting, an encounter with a spiritual Master is not meaningful in itself either. It is up to each individual to bestow meaning on such an encounter. Even many of my chela find this difficult because it means that one is really and truly solely responsible for one’s own life. And, of course, the question may arise: Why then have a Master, what is the use of a living Master if in the end I have to do everything myself anyway?

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18th Open Door Day in the Ashram House Brindavon

The Ashram Brindavon in the Ulmer Oststadt will celebrate its 18th anniversary with the annual Open Door Day on Sunday, 26th November from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

There will be a small flee market with choice items in the courtyard and a raffle with a prize for every ticket. The ashram kitchen will offer wonderful Indian vegetarian delicacies as well as delicious home-made cakes.

All proceeds will be donated to the Aktion 100.000 organised by the SÜDWEST PRESSE.

Visitors can participate in the lively and powerful kirtan singing which is accompanied by the harmonium and hand drums or meditate and be in silence in the beautiful tempel area of the ashram.

All are most welcome to come and have a look and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the ashram.
The following programm is planed fo the Open Door Day:

11:00 Kirtan Singing (30 min.)
12:00 Heart-Chakra-Meditation (20 min.)
13:00 Kirtan Singing (30 min.)
14:00 A recording of a darshan by Sri Durgamayi Ma (approx. 20 min.) will be played
15:00 Kirtansingen (30 min.)
16:00 Heart-Chakra-Meditation (20 min.)
17:00 A recording of a darshan by Sri Durgamayi Ma (approx. 20 min.) will be played
18:00 Aarti (ca. 20 min.)


It is of great importance to the Sri Durgamayi Ma Ashram e.V. to recognise and live what religions have in common and what connects them, so it is in this spirit that Christian, Buddhist and Hindu festivities are celebrated here.

An overview of all details can also be found here Terminseite.

Some impressions of the last year can be viewed here

Celebration Honouring the 36th Anniversary of Mataji’s Enlightenment from 20th to 22nd October

“Enlightenment is the highest level of human consciousness. Around you everything remains as it is and however much we humans wait for change the only change that happens is within oneself.” Sri Durgamayi Ma

In 1971, Sri Durgamayi Ma travelled as a young woman to India to encounter her master Sri Neem Karoli Baba. Sustained by Baba’s endless love, Mataji increasingly developed the wish to live in this world with God. After Baba left his body Mataji found her master Sri Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, at whose side she lived until she reached enlightenment. Since her enlightenment Mataji has devoted her life to us human beings to guide us on our spiritual path – a path that Mataji followed herself.

Mataji never ceases to encourage us and unconditionally supports on our path to the awakening of the own divine forces in us which – as Mataji tells us – rise like the rays of the sun on our own horizon, outshining all the forces of our blind human nature that want to tell us: that is not you!

„There is a divine source in us that springs from within itself and therefore never runs dry.“ Sri Durgamayi Ma

Everybody is welcome to come to this celebration in honour of Sri Durgamayi Ma, to attend an individual darshan or spend the entire weekend, including overnight stays, in the ashram.
If you wish to participate in the celebrations and spend the night please register by Sunday, October 15th, 2017. You will find the times and details on the weekend as well as general registration information here.