News from Ashram Brindavon


Nirvan Divas and Lord Hanuman ji

What a blessed weekend of celebration for Nirvan Divas!

Singing 27 Hanuman Chalisa with all our hearts – Ma in the midst of us – calling Lord Hanuman ji, as Ma has named the new Murti, we see him for the first time. Radiant and beautiful, he shows himself to us in the new temple that Ma has framed and Chela have built in his honor and which bears Rams in Baba’s handwriting. Through the delicate curtain we can already glimpse his shining figure.
When the last Chalisa has faded away, all the horns, bells, gongs, drums resound – a great rejoicing. The curtains of the temple are being opened. In a moving ceremony, Ma welcomes Lord Hanumanji to his new abode.

The next day we celebrate Maharajji’s 50th Mahasamadhi. On the festive puja, leaning against Baba’s picture, there is a special photo – it shows Baba’s body lying laid out, just before the burning of his physical shell. In the background, you can see Ma as a young devotee – shaken by the death of her Master.

In the evening we watch a new video about Baba together with Ma „Maharajji giving Darshan – Speaking with His Devotees“, wonderful pictures of Baba, accompanied by recordings of His voice, which Vishnu Digambar made in those days during a Darshan. In a touching way, Ma takes us back to that time: her departure in Germany more than 50 years ago to find Baba in India – her journey alone overland, through Afghanistan until she reaches the legendary Milkbar in Delhi, where she meets Krishna Das, who tells her the way to Baba’s ashram in Vrindavan. There she finally meets her guru and master for the first time. This encounter changes Ma’s life from the ground up and also is the beginning of our being as Ma’s chela.

Our heartfelt thanks on this day of celebration also go to Rabboo Joshi ji, through whom Lord Hanumanji found his way over here to the Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir in Germany.

Ram Ram


50th anniversary of Sri Neem Karoli Baba’s Mahasamadhi
– inauguration of Lord Hanuman ji’s moorti

On Nirvan Divas we remember the day when Sri Neem Karoli Baba took Mahasamadhi, left his physical form, which will be 50 years on September 11th.
We celebrate His legacy of love and compassion, deeply grateful for His neverending grace – manifest in our GuruMa, who met Maharajji in 1973 and was at His feet for the last 6 months.

On this special occasion Ma will consecrate a beautiful moorti of Lord Hanumanji which is a gift of devotees from India and UK to Ma and Maharajji’s Satsang in Germany.

For more info on the celebration, times and registration, head here.


Four very special days! Visit of Rabboo Joshi from India

With great joy we look back on the four extraordinary days when Rabboo Joshi, his daughter Amita and his granddaughter Rhadika visited the ashram at the invitation of Sri Durgamayi Ma.

Already as a very young person Rabboo Joshi had the good fortune to meet Sri Neem Karoli Baba, in 1954, at that time he was 14 years old. Maharaji has been with him all his life. Many of these experiences he describes in his moving book “I and My Father Are One”. Since 1973, after Baba had left his body, Rabboo Joshi gave his full support to Sri Siddhi Ma, carrying on Baba’s work in India.

In the spring of 2023, he approached Ma with a heartfelt request to accept a murti of Lord Hanuman as an offering to Ma and Maharajji’s Satsang in Germany – a gift from devotees in India and UK. In September 2023, on Nirvan Divas – the celebration commemorating Maharajji’s 50th Mahasamadhi – Ma will inaugurate the new murti of Hanumanji.

During the four days of his visit in the ashram, a never-ending stream of stories flowed from Rabbooji, to which we listened spellbound. Wherever he stood or sat, a small group of chela would immediately gather around him.

The highlight of his visit here was certainly Ma’s darshan on Saturday in the Baba Mandir. Ma asked Rabboo Joshi to take a seat right next to Ma. So he shared some of his earliest memories of Baba with us, and with all our hearts we sang a powerful Hanuman Chalisa together.

During his visit to the ashram and the meeting with Ma, many beautiful pictures were taken. On Facebook Rabboo Joshi has also posted a personal account of his visit to “Ulm Dham”.

Thank you BABA! Thank you MA!

Thank you Rabboo Joshi for this wonderful time! Thank you Amita Joshi for taking such loving care of him on this journey!
It was a very special time for all of us!
Ram Ram


Words by Sri Durgamayi Ma on Vesakh 2023

In grateful remembrance of the birth and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha, we celebrate the festival of Vesakh in the ashram every year during the month of May. Many visitors of the ashram write their wish for the world onto a small flag on this special day – inspired by the tradition of prayer flags known from Tibet.
Each year we ask Sri Durgamayi Ma for her blessings and a prayer for all human beings in this world. In 2023 Ma wrote:

May all beings learn to forgive
– themselves and others

Ma’s words are now joined with all the other flags to form a long garland. And the wind carries the prayers into the world.


Guru Purnima 2023

akhanda mandala karam vyaptam yena characharam
tatpadam darshitam yena tasmai sri guruve namaha

Salutation to you, my Guru, who makes visible the Divine that flows through the whole of creation! From the Guru Pranam

On Guru Purnima, the day of the full moon in July, chela all around the world gather to honor their spiritual masters in deep gratitude for the love and grace which they bring into the lives of their chela.

On this special occasion we honor our GuruMa and her master, our Satguru, Sri Neem Karoli Baba – and through them all enlightened beings who are now living or have lived, bringing light to this earth and to all people through their divine presence.

At Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir we celebrate Guru Purnima on the weekend of July 7-9 with ongoing Kirtan. Ma will be in the Baba Mandir giving Darshan the entire weekend.

  • Friday evening: Kirtan – inauguration of the temple of Lord Shiva
  • Saturday morning: Kirtan to Baba – Bhandara (festive meal)
  • Saturday evening: Kirtan – we honor Ma with Aarti
  • Sunday morning: Kirtan – we honor Sri Neem Karoli Baba with Aarti
    Aarti to Baba will be livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube starting at 12 noon.

You can find further Information on schedule and registration here.


New dates for Darshan – July to December 2023

Dear devotees, dear visitors of the ashram,

we are happy to inform you about the new dates on which Sri Durgamayi Ma will give darshan! You can find them in the overview on the homepage of the ashram, here you can also register.

At the same time we would like to notify you about the following special events:

Inauguration of a new temple for Lord Hanuman

Devotees of Sri Neem Karoli Baba from India have donated a murti of Lord Hanuman to Ma and the ashram, which will find its new home in the kirtan hall of the ashram in Neu-Ulm, the Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir.
Update: We will announce the date for the inauguration here shortly.

Open House Day

After three years in which the open house day could not take place due to the pandemic, the ashram will be open again this year on the 1st of Advent for the benefit of Aktion 100,000, a charity event in which the ashram has been participating for more than 20 years now.