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What is the use of the living Master?

This is a transliteration of a darshan Sri Durgamayi Ma gave on November 12th, 2012 in Berlin titled:

What is the use of the living Master?

I had always dreamed of a love that never dies. I too had not known for a long time, that I would find it only within myself.

With all my heart I want to welcome you all to this darshan and I want to remind you, for this short period of time, to simply let go of all past and all future, of everything that was or might be, including any expectations, ideas and hopes. Only recently I wrote to a disciple, it’s best to come to a spiritual Master empty-handed.

During my last darshan here in Berlin, I spoke about the truth that life as such is completely meaningless, that it has no meaning in and of itself. It is up to us – each for ourselves – to give our lives the meaning that we wish to receive from it and wish it to have.

A meeting, an encounter with a spiritual Master is not meaningful in itself either. It is up to each individual to bestow meaning on such an encounter. Even many of my chela find this difficult because it means that one is really and truly solely responsible for one’s own life. And, of course, the question may arise: Why then have a Master, what is the use of a living Master if in the end I have to do everything myself anyway?

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Sri Durgamayi Ma will give Darshan in Cologne from 22nd to 24th September

Let all the past and all the future gently glide from your shoulders like a coat – then you are in the now.

In a thousand different ways, the spiritual master Sri Durgamayi Ma authentically and unconventionally illustrates the mechanisms that separate us humans from recognizing that the divine lives in each one of us. Her guidance is direct and easy to put into practice in the midst of our every-day life in the western world.

The now is the only reality and who wants to live must engage in it.
Sri Durgamayi Ma

With great joy we would like to announce that Mataji will give darshan from 22nd to 24th September in the Shunia Zentrum in Cologne.

Anyone who wishes to encounter Sri Durgamayi Ma can come to her darshan, receive her blessing and immerge in the silence and depth of her being – irrespective of whether one is her student or not.

Further information and details can be found here.


Weekend Celebrating Baba’s 44th Mahasamadhi – September 8th to10th

I am the father of the world. The whole world is my child. Sri Neem Karoli Baba

In remembrance of Sri Neem Karoli Baba who left his body 44 years ago, Sri Durgamayi Ma will be celebrating the Nirvan Divas Festival on the weekend of September 8th to September 10th with all those who come to the Ashram Brindavon for this celebration.

44 years ago, Baba took Mahasamadhi and left his external form, in the hearts of his chela, however, the master remains alive beyond his death.

It is in deep gratitude that we honour Sri Neem Karoli Baba on this special day conscious of the fact that in Baba lies the source of the work of our spiritual master Sri Durgamayi Ma who shares her love and guidance today with all seekers who come to her.

In his early days he had wandered about wearing only one cloth, carrying a piece of broken clay pot that served both as a water pot and an eating dish. In later years he still wore only a simple dhoti, but with a blanket, and now and then an undershirt or sweater or socks in the freezing mountain nights. He reminded us to be unattached to things, to people, to our work, and even to righteousness. Some he goaded to more and more renunciation, while others he counseled to be patient and gentle in the process of becoming free. From: Miracle of Love

Everybody is most welcome to attend an individual darshan or spend the entire weekend in the ashram (overnight stays are possible). Please register by Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 if you wish to attend the celebration or spend the night. You can find the schedule, details on the weekend and general information relating to your registration here.