Sri Durgamayi Ma Ashram e.V.

In 1997, a group of chela founded this non-profit association with the desire to give form to this community, which until then had not been organized in any formal way.

The Brindavon Ashram opened in 1999 as a place for all people to meet Ma and also as a place for a joint spiritual practice.

20 years later, the association was able to purchase a large building in New-Ulm where Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir came into being. Ma dedicated this place to her revered master. Since 2021, all of the ashram’s events - Darshan, celebrations, Hanuman Chalisa and meditation - are taking place here.

As a non-profit organization, we are of course very happy about donations for both the ashram. All donations go towards their upkeep and are used in accordance with the organization’s statutes.

Details on the association’s bank details and the option to give via the donation form can be found here:


The mission of the ashram is expressed in the preamble to its statutes:

Peace in our human society can only be achieved by finding peace within ourselves. To establish this peace is a core concern of all religions. This requires not to emphasize what separates us, but to find what we have in common, not to emphasize the differences, but to recognize and live what unites us. Sri Durgamayi Ma Ashram e.V. sees its task in reviving religious experiences so that everyone may find his or her path to inner peace.

— Preamble to the association's statutes

Friends' association

In 1999, the Friends Association of Sri Durgamayi Ma Ashram e. V. was founded with the objective that Ma’s words and Ma’s blessings may reach a larger number of people.

The association therefore contributes, for example, to the financial maintenance of the two ashrams founded founded by Sri Durgamayi Ma – Brindavon Ashram in Ulm and Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir in New-Ulm. Both are places where people can practice meditation, seva or kirtan singing and receive Ma’s darshan.
All members of the association work on a voluntary basis.

Membership is open to all people who wish to support Sri Durgamayi Ma’s work and the upkeep of her ashram – be it through membership contributions, donations or active participation.