Spiritual Practice

With all the love of her being, Ma always meets everyone out of that immediate moment.

Ma’s teachings are straightforward and easy to implement in everyday life. They offer an opportunity to live in greater mindfulness - with growing understanding and compassion for others and for oneself.

The word Darshan derives from Sanskrit and describes the encounter with a person that has realized the divine within him or herself, a spiritual master.

Ma’s darshan can – be it through a direct meeting, listening to her spoken word or reading it – open up a new approach to life.

These records and notes were created during the various Darshan with Ma. They reveal the unconditional love with which Ma receives all people and make it tangible. For many, she is an inspiration, mirror and anchor, especially in difficult times.

You are longing for love? So help this love to take birth within you!

You are longing for peace? So let this peace take on form within you!

This world will not get any better and peaceful on it's own - who should be peaceful but us humans?

— Ma

Kirtan is singing God's many names - the inner call of longing for unity, for peace, for freedom, for a love that never fades.

I know of few spiritual practices that bring us into contact with our hearts as directly as singing.

— Ma

Singing kirtan is an essential part of the spiritual practice in Bhakti Yoga, which is the path that Ma teaches.

Following the chant of the lead singer, we allow ourselves to be taken inwards and experience what already is within us – together and yet each for himself or herself.