Hanuman Chalisa

We chant the Hanuman Chalisa - the sacred mantra in honor of Lord Hanuman - nine times together every Tuesday. Following the Hanuman Chalisa, we celebrate an aarti, a light ceremony as practiced in India to honor the divine.

In India, Hanuman ji is considered a symbol of such pure and absolute devotion to God (Ram) that he is referred to as the ‘Breath of Ram’ and therefore is a path of coming closer to God.

On Tuesdays, the Mangalam (= blessing) day, millions of devotees sing the Hanuman Chalisa – a form of meditation on the deeds and qualities of Lord Hanuman. This chant is also sung in the presence of the sick and dying and is repeated 108 times during a special ceremony to obtain Hanuman ji's blessings.

Om Hanumate Namah

— Ma

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