For Darshan with Sri Durgamayi Ma on festivals and weekends and for the evenings at the Baba Mandir (Hanuman Chalisa & Meditation) no registration is required, but it helps the ashram with preparations. If you would like to stay overnight in the ashram or attend the MorningDarshan via Zoom, please register online through the event calendar.

Parents with children

On weekends with Ma’s Darshan, parents can come with their children on Saturday and Sunday mornings. On celebrations, children can accompany their parents at any time.

For school children up to the age of 14, half the contribution applies, children of pre-school age can join in on a donation basis.

Further information on registering with children can be found at each date.

Overnight stays

On weekends with darshan or on festivals it is possible to stay overnight in Brindavon Ashram. All rooms are multi-bed rooms (dharamsala), women and men separate. If you wish to stay overnight, please register in advance online via the event calendar.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel or hostel, you can find a choice of accommodations in Neu-Ulm which are close to the Baba Mandir here:

Daily Aarti

On Tuesday and Friday evenings we celebrate aarti after Hanuman Chalisa or meditation in Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir at ~ 20.30.

On all other days we celebrate the daily Aarti in the evening at 18:00 in Brindavon Ashram in Ulm. It is open to the public and anyone who would like to come is welcome to attend. You can find directions further up on this page.

aarti is also at the Baba Mandir. You can find a list of dates with the exact times here.

Further information

Visiting the ashram

In India, it is considered a natural expression of respect not to turn one’s feet or back to the altar of a deity or the seat of the master. We ask visitors to the ashram to please enter the temple freshly showered and in appropriate, clean clothing - with shoulders and legs covered. During the stay in the ashram, clean clothing and personal hygiene are a matter of course.

Use of mobile phones and cameras

Visitors to the ashram are asked to switch off their mobile phones. There are lockers for valuables in the cloakroom. Taking photos is not allowed in either ashram.

If you would like a photo of the temple, please contact one of the caretakers.

Daily routine

An important basis of ashram life is the consistent daily routine. It begins early in the morning and includes set times for meals, karmayoga and evening events. This daily schedule serves as an inner practice and is binding for the chela living in the ashram, as well as for visitors to the ashram.


06:45 Uhr Wake-up call
07:30 Uhr Breakfast prasad
09:00 Uhr Seva
12:30 Uhr Noon prasad
15:00 Uhr Seva
18:00 Uhr Aarti, light ceremony in the temple
18:30 Uhr Evening prasad
22:30 Uhr Night rest