Hanuman Jayanti 2020 Review

Ma’s words for Hanuman Jayanti 2020

namaste my beloved chela
MA vividly remembers a moment in her life, when she felt great despair and utter loneliness, with no way out. and then, in the greatest darkness, she suddenly remembered HANUMAN, son of the wind and the 40 verses describing his splendour - the HANUMAN CHALISA.
many times MA had already been singing this song of praise to lord HANUMAN with all her heart - but never before from such a dark place.
in these most difficult times, remembering HANUMAN and singing his praise dispels all darkness and brings life.

On April 10th 2020 at 10.08 a.m. all chela in ashram Brindavon started singing 108 Hanuman Chalisa. Via Facebook and Youtube the Chalisa singing goes around the whole planet. People  from India, the US, France, Italy, Australia, the Philippines and Mauritius write numerous comments expressing their joy. After seven and a half hours of singing Ma sends a text message, asking if we will be able to carry through and writing: that Hanuman Chalisa is wonderful to listen to - a wave of divine energy is gushing through the room. With renewed power and with all our heart we continue to sing. Towards the end Ma sends a message to everyone in Facebook livestream: 

🕉 Ma sends her blessings ✨ to all and everyone 🌸 - so devoted!!! ❤️

Many, many live comments accompanied and supported the singing. Some of them we want to share with you here:

Swami Premadasa
Namaste gurumâtâjî, an astonishing event to experience Hanuman Jayanti this way. The thousands of call-ups and many sharings of the video stream, also to far away places on our planet earth, I was very impressed to experience it in such a real way for myself ~ om râm râm gurumâtâjî

Uma Datta 
It feels good to connect with baba’s devotees from other parts of the world, specially when we all going through difficult times, may baba bless all his devotees everywhere😜🙏🙏🙏

Lincoln Houde
Jai ho! SO MUCH LOVE flowing from this mandir 💓💗💓
So much love for you dear guru sisters and bothers, mothers and fathers 😍💗 thank you all so much

LV Yogi
I humbly thank my German family that Baba blesses us all in every respect. Sub Ek 💖🙏💖

Mr Robot
IN MORNING 6 AM THEY ALL HAD STARTED AND NOW ITS GOING TO BE 12:00 another day according to IST. Baba now you have to come to hear all of them.

Lal Baba
thank you all for the glorious livestreams you’re sending around the world. Hanuman Chalisa 108 times yesterday was with me through the whole day.

✨ 108 Hanuman Chalisa live from Ashram Brindavon, Germany - lets get together! 🙏