Words by Ma to her Chela on the War in Ukraine

Ma wrote these words to her chela, her disciples in an email – one day after the war in Ukraine began on Feb. 24th, 2022:

namaste, my beloved chela!

from the depth of my heart, your MA sends you her blessings and love in the light of the terrible war that has broken out so close, in the middle of europe, since yesterday. in between anger and fear and also sadness, let your inner strength grow to new dimensions, for it enables us not only to hold on to the vision of a world worth living in for all human beings – but this inner life force is strengthend through an intensified sadhana, no matter what form – chanting, meditating, to act and to be caring and loving! do not falter in your efforts to overcome your human nature. especially now that we can again see the disastrous effects of this human nature and the suffering it brings to so many people. we are not powerless – but need the insight that we have to choose peace ourselves – every day – if we want to live in a peaceful world. be with your MA, she is filled with this inner power to live. like MA, abide in love – come what may!

with love, ramram MA