Nirvan Divas and Lord Hanumanji

What a blessed weekend of celebration for Nirvan Divas! 
Singing 27 Hanuman Chalisa with all our hearts - Ma in the midst of us - calling Lord Hanuman ji, as Ma has named the new Murti, we see him for the first time. Radiant and beautiful, he shows himself to us in the new temple that Ma has framed and Chela have built in his honor and which bears Rams in Baba’s handwriting. Through the delicate curtain we can already glimpse his shining figure.

When the last Chalisa has faded away, all the horns, bells, gongs, drums resound - a great rejoicing. The curtains of the temple are opened. In a moving ceremony, Ma welcomes Lord Hanumanji into his new abode.

The next day we celebrate Maharajji’s 50th Mahasamadhi. On the festive puja, leaning against Baba’s picture, there is a special photo - it shows Baba’s body lying laid out, just before the burning of his mortal remains. Behind it is Ma, as a young devotee - shaken by the death of her Master. 

In the evening we watch a new video about Baba with Ma “Maharajji giving Darshan - Speaking with His Devotees”, wonderful pictures of Baba, accompanied by recordings of His voice, which Vishnu Digambar made in those days during a Darshan. In a touching way, Ma takes us back to that time: her departure in Germany more than 50 years ago to find Baba in India - her journey alone overland, through Afghanistan until she reaches the legendary Milkbar in Delhi, where she meets Krishna Das, who tells her the way to Baba’s ashram in Vrindavan. There she finally meets her guru and master for the first time. This encounter changes Ma’s life from the ground up and is also the beginning of our being as Ma’s chela. 

Our heartfelt thanks on this day of celebration also go to Rabboo Joshi ji, through whom Lord Hanumanji found his way over here to the Sri Neem Karoli Baba Mandir in Germany. 

Ram Ram