Ardhanarishvara is the name of the moorti illustrated on the CD. It shows God Shiva together with his consort Parvati in a form that is half man and half woman. In the Brindavon Ashram temple, Ardhanarishvara is standing on the puja to the right of Ma’s Takhat. This CD has three live recordings of kirtan sung by Ma’s chela there.

Price Published Title
12,00 € 2016-05-08 3

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Titles on this album
# Name Duration Recorded Info
1 Oh Mata 00:17:12 2016-01-29
2 Hoi Mata Kali, Hoi Mata Durga 00:15:17 2016-05-07
3 He Shiva Shankara 00:26:07 2016-03-12