Ganesha Sharanam

This special CD features kirtan that Ma sang with her first chela. These kirtans were recorded between 1992 and 1998, at that time still on cassette in the first ashram – the Hanuman House in Radelstetten. They have been available on CD since 2003.

Price Published Title
8,00 € 2003-07-03 4

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Titles on this album
# Name Duration Recorded Info
1 Ganesha Sharanam 00:14:03 2003-07-03
2 Jaya Hanumana 00:18:46 2003-07-03
3 Shivaya Parameshvaraya 00:16:32 2003-07-03
4 Jaya Durage 00:12:58 2003-07-03