Retreat - Pathways to Silence

These words - essence of the eight verses in the chapter “Stillness” of the Ashtavakra Gita - Sri Durgamayi Ma gave to us in this retreat.

During these days we experienced how Ma took us along to the great river of pure awareness. Ma showed us that we can hand over everything to it: all anger, all fear, all feelings of inadequacy.

What remains is the rushing stillness of the moment, which the presence of the Master allows us to experience.

  1. All things arise,
    suffer change
    And pass away.
    This is their nature.
  2. God made all things.
    There is only God.
  3. Sooner or later,
    Fortune or misfortune
    May befall you.
  4. Whatever you do
    Brings joy or sorrow,
    Life or death.
  5. All sorrow comes from fear.
    From nothing else.
  6. “I am not the body
    Nor is the body mine.
    I am awareness itself.”
  7. “I am in all things
    From Brahma to a blade of grass.”
  8. The world with all its wonders
    Is nothing.