From the Ashram History

Visit of KK Shah - Ram Leela

It was on the occasion of Durgamayi Ma's birthday in 2006 and the time when KK was with us in the Ashram. For the very first time we wanted to perform the Ram Leela - the story of Lord Hanuman from the Ramayana. The members of the Durga Ensemble - many chela from the satsang - transformed into the divine characters we all know so well

For many months they all had studied and rehearsed their roles. And how Ma loved the play: … Ravana as he challenges Sita … Hanuman, as he tries to convince Ravana to return Sita to Sri Ram … and then sets Lanka on fire … the monkey army represented by the satsang children … and especially when in the end Lord Ram and Princess Sita are finally united!
KK later told us that he was so immersed and absorbed in the story that his mind completely stopped working.
At the very end, Ma came on stage to present all the performing chela with a red rose. ​​
Jai SitaRam! Jai Hanuman!