From the Ashram History

Visit of KK Shah - Pilgrimage with Ma

In February 2006, KK Shah from Nainital, a very close devotee of Maharajji since early childhood, visited Ashram Brindavon in Germany following an invitation of Durgamayi Ma. Four wonderful weeks KK lived together with Ma’s chela here which was a great joy, most of all listening to his inexhaustible stories about Baba.

His presence here definitely changed the routines of our ashram life and his example allowed us to feel how childlike and at ease a true devotee can be with his Guru. So many things were possible now - especially in being with Ma! One day KK wished to see the other two ashram that existed at that time in Cologne and Berlin - Ashram Kainchi and Ayodhya. Ma immediately fulfilled his wish and set off the next day with KK, Vishnu Digambar, Laxman and Shivayama for the ‘pilgrimage’, as KK called it. The chela there got to meet KK and had a wonderful unexpected darshan with Ma and we all sang beautiful kirtan together. Heading back to Ulm Ma’s bus was caught in a heavy snowstorm and took twelve hours to get home - an unforgettable experience for everyone in this bus with their Ma - like in a ‘space capsule’. KK was thrilled when he got out of the car: „I have to tell you it was wonderful!“

Ram Ram