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Visit of KK Shah - KK’s letter about his visit

After his visit to Ashram Brindavon in Germany in 2006 when he had returned to India in March, KK wrote a five-page letter in which he joyfully recalls his time in the ashram, his time with Ma and all her chela - part of which we would like to share with you here:

To – all my Gurubhais, Gurusisters, dear friends of the Satsang, (all of the Divine Family)


What wonderful days these were! I enjoyed every minute with you all there. Time flies very fast – but the sweet memories shall ever remain engraved in my heart.

You all are fortunate to have Ma with you – as Guru, Guide or teacher … The purpose of spiritual knowledge is the awakening of the soul - & the Hindu tradition emphasizes that spiritual knowledge – in order to be effective – must be transmitted from one living soul to another living soul. Even the great incarnations, saints & sages etc. accepted human teachers to guide them in their spiritual practices – and (to demonstrate that) true spiritual wisdom should come down from teacher/guide to disciple and the teacher/guide is known as Guru, who can be compared to a lighted candle that illuminates the disciples soul.

The word ‘Ma’ itself is ‘supreme’. It is up to the Seva, Faith and Love of the ‘child’ – that he can receive more and more of love from his mother – ‘MA’. ‘Mothers love most those who need most’ – and you are not required to know anything, if you are mother’s child. In ‘MA’ you can find everything – she is always available – as your Guru or guide or teacher - she is more than a mother - she is accorded even more respect than an earthly mother - for she gives the disciple his spiritual birth and shows him the way to eternal life - {it is through compassion that the Guru most effectively influences the life of the disciple}.

What wonderful family you have there – this family is a door to the divine – MA is there who can guide you / lead you from unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light …

Ram Ram