New Year's Eve with Ma

We begin New Year’s Eve with lively kirtan and aarti. Many visitors and chela have come to enter into the new year in Ma’s presence. Lord Hanuman is dressed in festive robes wearing a shining headdress. In the Bhandara room we receive prasad, strengthening us for the new year.

Then Ma gives darshan:

The way the world shows itself to us, Ma says, is a mirror of the consciousness of all people living on earth. Because we are not aware of the unity of all life, we feel that our efforts to act in a more light-filled and in this way contributing to a more peaceful world will not have any effect. But Ma assures us that every attempt to act in a more light-filled way, in fact every light-filled thought, joins force like in a giant funnel - as an image for the unity of all life - and thus every action, every thought, absolutely counts. 

The light that lives in every human being - Ma encourages us - permeates towards us even through the smallest cracks of our hearts, as this light is our True Nature.

After darshan, a chela calls out to Ma that this is good news, and Ma replies: “This is the best news ever!”