From the Ashram History

Visit of KK Shah - Shivaratri

When KK Shah visited Brindavon Ashram it was also the time of Shivaratri. In the presence of our GuruMa we celebrated a beautiful Shivaratri with KK as our special guest. We honored Lord Shiva with a Lingam Puja and many hours of soulful kirtan. To take her chela closer to Shiva, Ma translated verses from the Ashtavakra-Gita to us into German, the 20 verses of the last chapter - “I am Shiva” - and also read them in English for KK.

Late in the evening it started to snow and with a childlike glow on his face KK told everyone: “Now Shivaratri is complete. In India, we believe that snowfall after Shivaratri proves that this is really Shiva’s divine abode!”

Everyone was festively dressed for the occasion, the Indian traditional way. Most of the female devotees were wearing a sari, which pleased KK so much that he requested to have a photo taken with them. Ma asked all her female chela to come together and have the photo taken so that KK’s wish might be fulfilled.

Ram Ram