New Year's Eve

Many people are concerned with the question of what we as individuals can do to counter wars and violence in the world. At the moment, this question seems more urgent than ever and so Ma dedicates this year’s New Year’s Eve to the subject:

How can I contribute to more peace in the world?

Every celebration in the ashram is part of the spiritual practice with which we strive to bring our consciousness back to the True Self - the divine essence in every being. In Ma’s presence, many people experience access to this higher being particularly intense and so we are looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve with Ma.

The celebrations begin at 6 pm with an aarti - the Indian light ceremony. Then we sing kirtan, Indian mantras accompanied by simple instruments. Later we will have festive prasad (sacred food).

During Darshan - the meeting with Ma - Ma will be with us or speak to us.

An important part of the festival will be to become conscious of what each of us is willing to give for the sake of peace and there will be a festive card for each of us to write something down for ourselves.

There is a dhuni in the garden of the Baba Mandir. There, by the sacred fire, Ma will enter the new year with us in silence.

The celebration ends at around 1 am.